and height

The existing planning permission for Peddimore identifies a limit on the floorspace and height of buildings within Development Zone 1A (DZ1A).

The parapet of Unit A will be approximately 15.5m high, which is well within the 23.5m height limit for DZ1A.

The parapet of Unit B is approximately 22.875m, which is below the 23.5m height limit. However, there are three stair towers on the building that provide access to the roof and reach 24.8m at their highest point. As these stair towers make up a very small part of Unit B, we believe the limited height increase is almost imperceptible in the context of the overall building and we will be submitting detailed information with our planning applications to demonstrate this.


Unit A and Unit B combined provide more floorspace within DZ1A than originally anticipated in the hybrid planning permission. However, the total footprint of buildings is actually lower in our draft plans for DZ1A than envisaged in earlier masterplans.

The reason for the floorspace increase is the inclusion of three mezzanine levels within Unit B. The mezzanines are a critical requirement of the prospective occupier.

Despite the increase in floorspace, traffic generated by Unit A and Unit B will be accommodated within the highway improvements secured as part of the existing planning permission and will have no additional highway impact. That is because large footprint buildings and mezzanine floors result in lower trip rates than an equivalent floorspace across a number of smaller single floor buildings. This is widely accepted in the industry and our planning applications will be supported by detailed evidence that demonstrates this.