Layout and

The detailed layout and design of Unit A and Unit B is being developed in general compliance with the Peddimore Reserved Matters Design Guide (RMDG). The RMDG is a document approved by Birmingham City Council to ensure quality and general consistency in design across the whole site.

The detailed design for both units reflects the requirement for a layered and textured treatment of the external elevations. Details have been added to help articulate the buildings and create individual identities.

Unit A is designed to capture various employment uses and will set the standard for buildings across Peddimore. It will sit at the gateway into the site from the A38 alongside an open space adjoining the main gatehouse and “Hub” building. The ancillary offices face the spine road and use intricate detailing to bring this important façade to life.

Unit B will be the second building on the right as you enter the site. It matches the high design standards of Unit A and meets the detailed requirements of the prospective occupier.

Unit B will be located in the centre of its plot. This helps to maximise the distance to neighbouring properties and minimise visual impact of the building when compared to the 2018 masterplans. The ancillary offices are on the south elevation, which offers distinct advantages over other options identified in the RMDG and means there are no loading / unloading bays facing the nearest homes.

The detailed plans for Unit B include a bus drop-off and pick-up facility in the south-east corner of the plot. This facility is dedicated to the intended occupier of this plot. It will both complement and supplement the package of measures that will be brought forward as part of the sustainable transport plan for Peddimore and the associated Green Travel District.

Layout of Unit A at the gateway to the site from the A38
Indicative view of Unit A from the spine road looking south
Layout of Unit B adjoining the internal spine road from the A38
Indicative view of Unit B from the spine road looking south-east