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March 2021

Site preparation work begins at Peddimore

A programme of site preparation work is underway across the Peddimore site as IM Properties (IMP) gets ready for the first phase of construction at the new employment park.

Prior to the start of infrastructure and landscaping works scheduled for this summer, IMP’s appointed contractor Winvic Construction has begun some vegetation clearance. This will be starting to the west of Wishaw Lane and then be undertaken across the majority of the site.

Hedges and trees will not be removed in the nesting season without prior inspection by accredited ecologists.

As part of these works, the site team will also start specialist activities designed to mitigate the risk of any nesting birds being potentially impacted by construction.

This will include specialist contractors using falcons and dogs, which have been trained not to kill or injure any birds or animals, to encourage birds to nest away from the development area where works are taking place this year. This is a permitted and established method used across the construction and infrastructure sectors.

The wider programme of site preparation work has been agreed with Birmingham City Council and the appointed contractors will work to ensure any disruption to local residents is minimised.

For further information, please get in touch with the Peddimore team on 03308 384 199 or by email at consultation@impeddimore.co.uk.

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