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Peddimore is set to become one of the region’s most important employment and economic locations and will provide excellent employment opportunities for local people from all backgrounds.

It will deliver thousands of jobs on the site as well as generating thousands of indirect jobs across the region in the supply chain supporting the site’s occupiers.

By working with local training providers, schools, colleges and community leaders, we aim to nurture talent in the area and in doing so also help address the national skills shortages in the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

The site is starting to attract leading manufacturing and logistics companies due to the site’s scale, excellent access to the motorway network and proximity to first class connectivity and available labour. We are undertaking an extensive marketing campaign to secure a mix of high value occupiers and global brands which could include:

  • Distribution and logistics business
  • Industrial and manufacturing businesses
  • E-tailers and retailers

Whatever the final mix of occupiers, Peddimore will be a home for skills and innovation to support the objectives of the Midlands Engine, helping to rebalance the economy and drive economic growth in Birmingham and the wider region.


The logistics sector continues to play an important economic role both in its own right and in supporting other industries to function through the movement of goods and components. Its importance to society as a whole has been even more apparent since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and during lockdown restrictions.

Businesses across this sector are rapidly modernising and pushing technological boundaries to meet rising demand for ecommerce and supply chain requirements from manufacturing. This is driving increased technological efficiency as well as a demand for skilled employees in electrical and mechanical engineering, IT and analytics.