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In Spring 2021, we submitted two separate planning applications to Birmingham City Council to deliver Development Zone 1A and a third planning application will be submitted soon.

Birmingham City Council is currently considering the two applications we have already submitted – referred to as application 2 and application 3 below.

Application 1: A ‘reserved matters’ application for Unit A

Application 2: A ‘reserved matters’ application for Unit B

Unit A will sit at the gateway into the site from the A38 and be able to accommodate a range of employment uses, including manufacturing and logistics. We do not currently have an occupier for the unit, but we are submitting the planning application now to showcase the opportunity and set the standard for high-quality industrial space across the site.

Unit B will be the second building on the right as you enter the site from the A38. We are in advanced negotiations with a prospective occupier for Unit B and working with the occupier to deliver a high-quality building that meets its specific requirements.

Both Unit A and Unit B will be located within Development Zone 1A (DZ1A), which already has planning permission for large manufacturing and logistics buildings. The purpose of these planning applications is to agree the detailed layout and design of the buildings, including access points, parking plans, landscaping and drainage.

Full details of the Unit B application can be found on the city council website.

Application 3: A ‘Section 73’ application to make minor changes to the existing hybrid planning permission

This application aligns the existing planning permission with our latest plans for Units A and B. It sets out the minor changes we are proposing to the existing planning permission, which include: improvements to landscaping around the edge of Zone 1A (including the green corridors along the main spine road and a relocated Peddimore Brook crossing); increasing the floorspace to allow provision of mezzanines within Unit B; and an increase in height on Zone 1A to accommodate stair towers on Unit B.

The Section 73 application is supported by various documents that assess the effects of the changes and identify whether additional mitigation is needed. These documents build on information and assessments that form part of the existing planning permission. They include: a Planning Statement; Supplementary Environmental Statement; Landscape and Green Infrastructure Strategy Addendum; Transport Assessment Addendum; and various plans and images.

Full details of the Section 73 application can be found on the city council website.