Our planning application for Peddimore was approved by Birmingham City Council on 15 August 2019.

Peddimore is now set to deliver up to 6,500 direct jobs and up to 3,000 supply chain jobs across the wider region to support the site’s future occupiers in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, and will become a significant new economic asset for Royal Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham.

Site-wide infrastructure works are due to begin this winter, with the first bespoke buildings ready for occupation by summer (Q3) 2021.

All of the documents issued with the planning application can still be accessed on the Council’s website. This includes a large number of plans and reports, which are listed in a Detailed Contents Page.

A “hybrid” application was submitted and approved for Peddimore. This means that full details are provided for certain aspects including the new A38 access, spine road, earthworks, landscaping, footpaths and cycleways (as shown on the Detailed Infrastructure Plan).

The “Development Zones”, where the employment buildings will be located, are applied for in outline as shown on the Parameters Plan. This means that the uses will be confirmed but full design details of the buildings will need to be approved by the Council through future “reserved matters” applications.

These future reserved matters applications will need to comply with the maximum building heights established by the outline permission, as well as the detailed guidance set out in the Reserved Matters Design Guide.

The Planning Statement provides further details on the application and proposed development. The plans provide details of the site layout, highways, infrastructure, landscaping and drainage. Two illustrative Masterplans indicate how the site could potentially be developed, and illustrative images are provided of employment buildings.

Other reports provide further details and assessments about specific aspects of the development. The Design and Access Statement explains how the overall design has evolved.

The Environmental Statement presents the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which has evaluated the likely environmental impacts and effects – an overview of this is presented in the Non-technical Summary.

The planning submission followed an extensive consultation process, which included eight public exhibitions and a comprehensive programme of engagement with elected members, residents, community groups and businesses. A summary of our approach to consultation and feedback received is available in our Statement of Community Engagement.

We shall continue to engage with Birmingham City Council and key stakeholders throughout the construction process. While the granting of planning consent is an important milestone, we are committed to maintaining ongoing and regular dialogue with local people and community groups.