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Our planning application for Peddimore was approved by Birmingham City Council in September 2019.

Full details of the planning permission, including all documents submitted as part of the planning application, can be accessed from the planning pages of the city council website.

The “hybrid” planning permission means we have approval for the full detail of some parts of the development, and approval for the principle of other parts of the development.

We already have detailed approval for the new A38 access, spine road, earthworks, landscaping, footpaths and cycleways (as shown on the Detailed Infrastructure Plan).

The new buildings will be located in “Development Zones”, which are approved in principle for manufacturing and logistics uses. The development zones set some parameters for future buildings and ensure flexibility to meet market demand and future occupier requirements.

The detailed design of each building will need to be approved by the council through future “reserved matters” planning applications.

We are committed to maintaining ongoing and regular dialogue with local people and community groups as our plans progress. This includes consultation on major reserved matters planning applications.

If you have any questions about Peddimore, please email us on info@impeddimore.co.uk or call 03308 384 199.